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Used to using teasers , Marvel intends to draw the attention of viewers on his publications that were following stamped X-Men , about the occasion of Jonathan Hickman at the publisher's recurrence. This one has to provide just two miniseries House of X and Powers before leading the ship of a large relaunch operation . And these two names will be of no significance.

Marvel has placed online a easy picture where the 2 names are mentioned , with a few boxes showing Charles Xavier and a woman having identity which remain mysterious, declaring neither more nor less"the main scene of all of the narrative of this X-Men . Jonathan Hickman cautioned in an interview he doesn't intend to use time travel or alternative realities for House of X and Powers of X, or to create new personalities. As it sounds, this scene concerns already existing characters, in the continuity of this Earth-616.

Readers will probably be on the alert to understand what's happening, given a lengthy and complicated history for the X-Men , unless Marvel over-sells Hickman's comes for your teaser encourages pre-orders of both mini-series (there has to be a bit of both in there). Answer to discover with the book of the two titles.

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